Pre-treatment of electroplating to ensure the quality of electroplating products

The pretreatment of electroplating equipment is directly related to the quality of electroplating products, and it is a very important technological process in electroplating operation. In the electroplating industry, there is the saying of "three-point electroplating, seven-point pretreatment". Therefore, the pretreatment of electroplating should be well planned and arranged, which also includes the selection of materials for pretreatment. Spray coating equipment.

As an indispensable substance in electroplating process, additives are generally considered as additives to plating bath. In fact, as long as it is water-based working fluid, various additives may be used, such as hydrogen seepage inhibitors and corrosion inhibitors in acid etching, surfactants in degreasing, etc. In particular, surfactants have been widely used in pretreatment. It not only improves the effect of pretreatment, but also plays an important role in improving the environmental protection performance of pretreatment.

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