Development and Current Situation of Electroplating Equipment in China

The selection of plating equipment is of great importance to ensuring the quality of plating products and improving production efficiency. The programmable gantry plating line, annular automatic plating line and barrel plating automatic production line, as well as the peripheral equipments such as rectifier, filter, heat exchanger, ultrasonic cleaner and additive automatic supplementer are introduced in detail.

Electroplating automatic production line: The automatic production line of hanging plating and hanging plating is divided into ring mechanical or hydraulic automatic production line and straight line automatic production line.

Advantages of early annular line:

1) High degree of automation, high efficiency, reduced labor intensity, less operators;

2) Lever vertical lifting, high capacity utilization of plating bath;

3) Short exposure time, smooth operation of the workpiece, about 20-i00s per arm;

4) Suitable for high quality coating. Large quantities, single shape and mature technology of electroplating light mechanical annular plating production line (commonly known as "hanging fish"). Because of its low price, light weight, easy maintenance and high output, it has a very good market.

Advantages of Linear Electroplating Automatic Line:

1) High degree of automation, high efficiency and reduced labor intensity. Reduce the number of operators;

2) It is suitable for the electroplating of heavy parts, large objects and parts of different shapes and batches.

3) It is convenient to change the working condition of the train. The control of plating time is flexible and suitable for plating in various production processes.

4) The plating quality is excellent and stable. It is suitable for the process with thicker coating requirements.

There are also two types of automatic barrel plating line: ring mechanical or hydraulic automatic line and straight gantry automatic line. Ring mechanical bell drum high-speed plating equipment (plate, wire) and selective plating equipment suitable for inclined automatic loading and unloading are developing with the development of economy and the progress of electronic plating. For high-speed plating production automation line. The demand for selective plating production lines has increased. Most of them are undertaken by companies with greater technological and manufacturing capabilities. PP automatic welding equipment.

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