What are the hazards of cadmium to the body?

In the past few days, major news reports have reported that the excessive Thallium and Cadmium in Hejiang River in Guangxi has caused panic in drinking water in some areas. Like the current pace of life, many people may not pay attention to some of the details of life, such as drinking water for many friends who go out, many do not know that it is directly from tap water and then boiled to drink, thinking that such bacteria have killed, but some are still immortal in tap water in fact contains chlorine, trichloromethane, heavy metals, organic pollutants, large liver and intestine. Bacteria, sediment, rust and other harmful substances. The case of over-standard Thallium and Cadmium in Hejiang, Guangxi, is a very big one.

The common pathogenic factors of thallium poisoning are occupational, living and environmental exposure to thallium. Occupational thallium poisoning is a systemic disease characterized by nervous system damage caused by inhalation of thallium smoke, vapor or soluble thallium salts through respiratory, skin and digestive tracts in occupational activities. Thallium poisoning can be divided into acute and chronic poisoning. The typical symptoms of acute thallium poisoning are gastroenteritis, polyneuropathy and alopecia. The main clinical manifestations of chronic thallium poisoning are peripheral neuropathy, optic neuropathy, retinopathy and alopecia. A few cases may have toxic encephalopathy or toxic psychosis.

Regardless of whether or not there has been a Thallium and Cadmium Excess Event in Hejiang, Guangxi, we should pay attention to some details in our daily drinking water.

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