Management of Electroplating Equipment-Management of Electroplating Hangers

The management of electroplating hangers in the management of electroplating equipment:

The function of hangers

The role of electroplating hanger is very clear, if it is defined, that is, the hanger is used to hang and load the electroplated parts, and let the cathode current transmit to the plated parts.

It's that simple. However, it is such a simple hanger that plays a very important role in the quality and efficiency of electroplating. Whether the hanger is properly designed or chosen is sometimes related to the success or failure of electroplating processing. Therefore, after its definition, a sentence should be added, that is, its structure, shape and conductivity are directly related to the efficiency and quality of electroplating. Therefore, the management of plating hangers is very important for plating production.

Unfortunately, many electroplating workers pay little attention to the hanger. They think that the hanger is conductive and the product can be hung up. Often, it is difficult to ensure the quality and efficiency of electroplating by taking a hanger and putting the product into the bath.

Of course, there are also electroplating processing enterprises with a special hanging device production department, the operator can only take the ration (or go to collect) hanging device to electroplating, this situation will be better. However, it is not entirely certain whether these rationed hangers are suitable for the plated products, that is to say, whether the selected hangers are reasonable or not, and once the hangers are selected, the fate of these plated products will be determined, whether they are good or bad is all in the hangers. Is that true? Let's study the function of the hanger carefully.

(1) Suspension and loading

Most of the electroplated products are indeed electroplated on the hook, and the name of the hanger comes from it, but it is by no means a hook. The position, direction and quantity of the plated parts on the hanger, as well as the distance and relative position of the plated parts before, after, around, up and down, all have an important impact on the quality and production efficiency of this (or this batch) product. With proper suspension and loading, the maximum output can be obtained per unit time, and the product quality meets the design requirements. If the load is too small, the impact on the quality may not be great (and not necessarily), but the efficiency will decline; if the load is too large, the quality will be affected, and the increase of non-conforming products or reworked products will not be worth the loss, neither efficiency nor quality. Therefore, how to ensure the loading capacity of the hanger and how to ensure that each part of the plated part on the hanger is in a suitable position to obtain uniform coating, it is necessary to work hard. Spray coating equipment.

What is needed now is reasonable and effective suspension and loading, so as to ensure that the capacity of electroplating production can be properly developed.

(2) Conductivity

Electroplating requires current, so the hanger should not only be able to carry the electroplated parts, but also to conduct current to it. Isn't it conductive? Yes, but don't think it's just a metal hanger. It's not that simple.

As the manager of the electroplating enterprise, one thing must be done is to test the temperature of the hook in the electroplating process by hand. See if it's hot.

If the hanger is always hot, then the design or selection of the hanger is inappropriate. Because at this time, a part of the electric energy is doing useless work to heat the plating bath. In this way, the electric energy allocated to the plated products will be reduced. To ensure that the plating can also work under the current density required by the process, the current can only be increased, not to mention that the quality is affected, first of all, the power consumption is increased and the production cost is increased. With this kind of hanger, the plating bath temperature will rise if the production continues. For the plating seeds which do not need to be heated, this will affect the quality of plating (such as acid bright copper plating), and also increase the evaporation of plating solution. At the same time, the increase of current will also cause anode passivation, which will have a greater impact on the quality of electroplating. It will not only reduce the concentration of main salt, imbalance of plating solution, but also affect the distribution of power lines, which will reduce the dispersibility of plating solution.

It can be seen that the electrical conductivity of the hanger is not only conductive, but also finished. If improper selection, it will not only affect the quality of electroplating, but also waste electricity.

(3) Forms and types of hangers

When it comes to the function of the hanger, it refers to the suspension and loading, which means that the form of the hanger is not only the form of hook, but also other ways, such as disk plating, continuous plating, barrel plating, etc., which are the extension of the hanger. Therefore, it is necessary to explain that the hanger discussed here refers specifically to the hanger for plating. Even hangers for plating can be divided into several categories.

General hanger. The characteristic of electroplated universal hanger is that it can be used for parts of various shapes. It divides the hanger into several specifications according to the size of the outer frame of the plated part, and allows the use of the hanger by skipping one hook when the shape size of the plated part exceeds the scope of this specification, so as to make the hanger more versatile. In this way, a variety of products with different shapes and sizes of the same outer frame can use the same hanging gear, which is the mainstream way in the design and manufacture of hanging gear at present.

(2) Special hangers. Because of its special shape or large output, some products need to be specially designed for this kind of product. They are only used for this kind of product, that is, special hanging gear. Special hangers can better guarantee the quality and efficiency of products. This mode is suitable for mass production of fixed-form products.

(3) Small parts hanger. It is not suitable for hanging and plating small parts. It needs a hanging device suitable for small parts.

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